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4 Columns, Males by the dozen, Males by the bushel, Females by the dozen, Females by the bushel.

  •  Small (5-5.5”)
  •  Medium (5.5-6”)
  •  Large (6-6.5”)
  •  Extra Large (6.5”-7”)
  •  Jumbo (7” +)
  •  Small/Medium (5-6” )
  • Large (6-6.5”)
  • Extra Large (6.5”+ )

*Pricing and availability are not guaranteed and subject to change

Indulge in the finest Maryland blue crabs!

Our specialty since 1991, Captain Harry & Jesse Foote catch our blue crabs fresh from the Chesapeake Bay. When seasonal constraints, weather, or limits affect our local supply, Captain Harry’s seamlessly sources live blue crabs from reputable watermen in North Carolina and Louisiana. Savor the authentic taste of Maryland’s steamed crabs, delivered with passion and expertise.”

● All crabs are hand sorted and sized by point to point measurements. We offer male and female crabs live or steamed by the half dozen, dozen and bushel. (pricing and availability subject to change) All steamed crabs are seasoned in our signature spice blend made in Harford County, Maryland.

● Male crabs typically have a larger body size, while female blue crabs are smaller, meat is somewhat sweeter and the female crabs may contain eggs depending on the time of year.

● Don’t forget to try some of our salads, soups, fresh corn, steamed shrimp and fresh seafood to go with your Maryland crabs!

Live Maryland Blue Crabs
Steamed Maryland Crabs
Crab Bushel Lid

Crab Prices- Call for daily specials

All crabs are individually sorted by size and weight using point to point measurements. Maryland crabs are caught daily by Captain Harry and local Chesapeake bay waterman, sourced from Louisiana when local catch levels are low. 

Quality is our top priority, all crabs are steamed to order. we recommend pre-ordering for faster service. 

Prices and availability subject to change without notice 

Small (5-5.5")- $35 Small
(approx. 7+ Dz)
Small/Medium (5”-6”)- $24 Mixed Bushels
Medium (5.5”– 6”)- $65
(approx. 6-7 Dz)
Large (6"-6.5")- $48
Large (6”- 6.5”)- $95
(approx. 5-6 Dz)
Extra Large (6.5” +) - $70
X-Large (6.5” – 7”)- $125 X-Large
sold by dozen
(approx. 4-5 Dz)
Jumbo (7” +)- $160

*Crab prices and availability subject to change without notice

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